Castle on sale in Gyömrő

Castle in need of complete restoration for sale in Gyömrő inland area. The 660sqm castle is placed on a 2,1 ha  parkland full of ancient trees.The building used to be  an old people’s home. There are 13+3 rooms, water blocks, kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms on the two floors.

In the parkland area around the castle there are ancient trees, e.g. a 300-year-old white cypress, alders, and other rare plants.

The ground belonging to the castle is registered under two topographic numbers, each of which refers to different building classifications. One of the grounds is 1,14 ha, and is classified as special construction area (Ko and Ksz-1) with a maximum of 30% building-in ratio. On grounds, smaller than1,400 sqm in size, the allowed, maximum height of the buildings is 7,5 m, in case the estate will be dismembered.

The other ground, classified as Vt-1, is 1,97ha. Here, land reaching 1,000 sqm has a 60% building-in ratio, and the height of the buildings can be 8,5 m.

Guide price : €1, 000, 000

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