Listed hunting lodge for sale in Lad village, Somogy county

Hoyos Castle and the surrounding park, once on the border of the former Magyarland and Németland, today is situated in the centre of the village.The castle was built between 1905 and 1910 on the basis of Möller István’s plans ( professor at The Technical Universities in Budapest and Vienna).The castle was commissioned by Count Hoyos Miksa and wife, Countess Inkei Ágnes.

A former sea captain, and also an obsessed plant collector, Hoyos acclimatized  exotic plant rarities in his 28-hectare park. He planted a deciduous oak and yew tree from East China next to the pedunculate oak and maple, but there are also pine trees in the company of countless evergreen and other exotic plants The castle was a famous attraction of its time.

The two-story, 500-square-foot building,  houses a two-hundred-square-foot cellar system. Its floor area is 1,000sqm, its total built-in area is 2,500sqm.The adjacent arboretum is 1,02 hectares.

The castle consists of two main buildings (the so-called „large castle” and „small castle”) that are connected  via a covered walkway.

The official report released by the Water Prospecting and Drilling Joint-stock Company

confirms the presence of thermal water in the area. Public utilities, electricity, water, closed system sewage are on the grounds. The building is listed. It was added to the National Heritage List for Hungary in 1943.

The area offers excellent possibilities for huntig wild boar, red deer, fallow deer, or deer.
The property can be used as hunting lodge, exclusive nursery home, golf hotel  ( there is a 18-hole golf course in Hencse, 7 km away from the castle), or for touristic purposes. 

The castle needs to be renovated.The cost depends on the intended use of the building and the quality of services it offers.

For sale: 100% of the property rights of the small castle, and 50% of the property rights of the big castle.

Guide price: 300.000.000.- Ft

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