Two plots  for sale in Zsámbék Basin, close to Budapest. The first is a 32 ha inland, on which 539 flats can be built (CSOK – state subsidized mortgage). Target price 3 million Euros. The second plot is an enclosed arboretum type development land. Target price is 2,6 million Euros.The total size of this huge estate is 146 ha.

The multifunctional development land  is legally free and clear of mortgage. 

Property tax on the 32 ha development land has been paid. It has  building permits and  belongs to a construction project management  firm’s apport. As such, this plot can be purchased by both domestic and foreign companies. 

Rated as out of town land, the 114 ha plot can be purchased by Hungarian citizens or rented for  maximum 20 years  until legal procedure is established (Hungarian Land Registration rules and regulations apply at all times).

131 electric and gas supply systems have been developed and installed. There is a high - powered well with karst water ideal for building  a health and wellness centre. The water supply and  sewage systems have not been completed yet, but legal development permits are at disposal. Gravel roads lead to the plot. 

The 32 ha plot is registered as inland development land. The 114 ha arboretum surrounding it is ideal for those who would like to enjoy a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. The development area is suitable for  building high-quality residential condominium for 2-3,000 people, international recreation village for pensioners,  exclusive family ranch, health centre,  corporate event centre,  luxury farm or 539 apartments (CSOK- state- subsidized mortgage). 

The plot can  easily be reached  by exiting the Budapest-Vienna motorway. The closeness of the capital city represents a considerable advantage for shopping, entertainment and health care facilities.

Part of the  investment can be financed from EU budget.

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