Mansion in need of renovation with adjacent farm for sale

- 2 ha from the total size of the grounds belonging to the property
- Total floor size of the castle is 210m², first floor + 150m²
- Staff accommodation: 150m²
- Vaulted stable: 540m²
- Five-storey granary 400m² ( that is 2,000m²)
- A second granary: 335m²
- Cattle stable: 435m²
- Pig stall: 175m²
- Pole barn: 440m² ( ¼ of the roof missing)
- Open- sided hay barn: 210m²

Other items available for purchase:
- 1,7 ha farmland + 0,7ha ground
- The leasing right of 5,5 ha ground

Target price of the property: 85,000,000 Forints

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