Small castle for sale near Kartal village

The small castle was commissioned by Count  Podmaniczky Géza and his wife in 1868.It was built at the foot of the Cserhát, in the vicinity of Kartal village, 40 km from Budapest.

The building once had a rich library and an observatory. After the First World War it was first plundered by the Red Army, then by  Romanian soldiers.After the Second World War it became state property and home to different institutions.

Its present owner bought  the grounds with the property five years ago.

Plans for the complete renovation of the building and landscaping of the grounds have already been devised that the buyer will receive. The renovation of the small castle has already started.The entire roof has been replaced, the cleaning of the building and  mechanical works are in progress.

On  the grounds there is a granary in need of renovation, a water tower and a baillif’s house that the owner could use. As for public utilities there is a water well with good flow rate  (about 80m³/day) that can fulfill the total water need. The water of the well is good quality, potable water. Electricity is at the entrance. There is no gas and sewage system, just a sewage tank.

The building is not listed, so its future owner can  taylor it to their own taste and needs. The land is listed as non-agricultural, suburban property.

The total size of the area is 18.9 hectares. The size of the mansion:groundfloor: 240sqm, loft:200sqm, cellar:about 100sqm.

Guide price: 1 050 000.- EUR.

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