Castle built in the 1890’s for sale at the foothills of the Matra mountains, in Recsk inner area 

The former Barkóczy castel is located in the north of Recsk county, along the road to Mátraderecske, at the foothills of the Kanazsvár mountain. The total floor area of the building is 1065 m² which includes the size of the cellar underneath (260 m²).There are 11 rooms and 5 bathrooms in  the castle. Its middle part is two-storey high;the roof of the  right wing has been converted into attic rooms. If required, the loft of the left wing can also be converted into living quarters. Along its history, the castle performed several functions. During the 1950’s it served as the headquarters of the State Protection Authority (ÁHV). Later it became the residence of different state authorities. It last housed Saint Mary Foster Home operated by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent De Paul.

The castle is situated on a 1,03 ha corner estate. It has two side gates, an inner road system, as well as a 12-14 capacity paved car park in front of the the main entrance gate. There is an arboretum park around the castle with rare plants and trees. It currently functions as a wedding and event venue, but it can also be suitable as an Education Center, Retirement Home or Castle Hotel after renovation. According to the original plan, they wanted to turn it into a hotel, for which the licensing plan documentation has expired, but it is available, it just needs to be re-licensed.

The castle is not listed as a monument, it can be built freely. Its structure and static condition are solid as is the roof. The owner has carried out all maintenance work, the beams of the roof structure of the building have just been renovated and it has also received a new Creaton ceramic tile covering.

The heritage features of the building  have vanished by now due to the  many different functions it fulfilled over the years, however, there are still some genuine details visible such as the windows, shutters or banisters. 

The castle is an impressive building with spacious and bright rooms. It has gas and all the necessary utilities installed. Restoration work has already started. Optionally, a wonderful, panoramic, slightly wooded 4.5-hectare area adjacent to the castle park can be purchased in a separate agreement, on which there is also a 100-square-meter fully comfortable log house, with a stable, a shed and a farm building.

The estate is clear expecting its exigent buyer.

The target price of the property: 229,000,000 Forints.

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